SITHARA KRISHNAKUMAR, SUSHIN SHYAM - Cherathukal Chords and Lyrics

This song is from the movie Kumbalangi Nights (2019), released on 05 February 2019 starring Fahad Fasil, Sreenath Bhasi.

This was a very challenging song to transcribe. I liked the idea and the progression that Sushin executed in this beautiful song. Listening to this song right after watching the movie takes you to those memorable moments from it. Sithara's vocals , although sounding a bit dry, fits in perfectly with the rest of the instruments.

SongRating: 10/10

Requested By Arun
Scale: G Major
Time Signature: 3/4
Tempo: 123
Suggested Strumming: DU,DU,DU
c h o r d  z o n e . o r g
G Gmaj7 Em Bm G A E

  G     Gmaj7  Em         Bm      G A E
Cherathukal Thorum Nin Theyormayaay
    G     Gmaj7  Em       Bm     G  A E
Tharaathe Pom Charuvam Ummakalaal
    G            Bm
    D         A
Kaziyolam Njaneriyam…Aaa…

Bm E G D A E x2

Bm E Bm E x4

 C       A      E
Ulakin Kadunovattum Thanuthoru
 Bm     F#m     E
Pularkattay Veeshidam Njaan
 C       A      E
Ushasin Nanamey Thorthanirangum
Em       A       D         G
Paarilorunjalayalayaayi Njaan
Em      F#       Bm

   G          Bm
Nirayunnoree Kannerkayangal
        D          A
Kadal Njaan…Kareridam…Aaa
Bm E G D A E x2

   Bm   E     G          D    A      E
Makane Njanundarikathoru Kanakannottamaay
   Bm   E    G            D     A    E
Makane Njanundakalathoru Kavalmalaghayaay

Bm E G D A E x2

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