5 Most Romantic Songs of 2018

It’s always a good idea to take a look at the past before you move on.
That’s why we are going to be looking at some of the music from last year.
Specifically, we’re going to examine the five most romantic songs of 2018
and the reasons why they made you feel like you were falling in love.
While not every song is going to strike a chord with every person,
most people should appreciate at least a few of them.

1. I Like Me Better- Lauv

This cutesy song is more lighthearted than deeply romantic,
so you’ll be able to get away with playing it on the first couple dates. I
t’s about finding self-improvement in the arms of another person.
Not only do you love the person that you are with, but they actually make you a better person
just by being with you.
There’s also a great slant for love at first site,
so there are a lot of ways that you can approach this song while you are out on dates.

2. Shallow- Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga

This mega-hit was featured in “A Star is Born”,
a remake of the classic film starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.
This duet features two people who are trying to be the person that completes
the other individual in the relationship.
Moreover, it’s a song that is about not taking things too slow when it feels right.
It’s a sweet romantic song that shows that compatible lovers are more than capable
of hopping into a relationship without having to be too cautious.  

3. Girls Like You- Maroon 5

Maroon 5 is famous for having romantic and sexually-charged songs,
but this is definitely one of the former. “Girls Like You” is a great song that
deals with the ups and downs of relationships.
While there are definitely highs to be found when you are with someone,
there are also low times that will leave you needing the other person to help you out.
It’s romantic and honest, a balance that is tough for people to find.

4. Love Lies – Khalid and Normani

“Love Lies” is a song about trying to be coy about your love in hopes
that you are going to find a person that is right for you.
The chorus insists that it is alright to tell each other if you aren’t seeing a future,
but just to be honest about the state of the relationship.
While the title of the song might seem off-putting,
it’s really about honesty (the lifeblood) within a relationship which is a topic
that doesn’t come up too often in songs.

5. Back to You- Selena Gomez

Alright, not every relationship is going to end amicably and in a fulfilling manner.
That’s what “Back to You” is all about.
This is about a person that has gone through a breakup and can’t get the other person
out of their mind.
They would drop their entire life just to get back to that person even though
it is probably never going to happen.
With that in mind, the song is more about longing that is caused by romance
that doesn’t end the way you want.

As you can see, there was a lot of variety in terms of the romantic songs from 2018. If you’re still looking for a beau for 2019, it’s not too early to check out the gym or to hop over to the best dating site for singles to find a match. You can definitely win your date over and make it a sure thing by playing some of these tunes when the time is right!

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