QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE - Fire Brothers Chords and Lyrics

This song is from the album Quicksilver(1971), released on 28 September 1971.

SongRating: 10/10

Requested By Michael Wall
Scale: G Minor
Time Signature: 4/4
Tempo: 82
Suggested Strumming: DU,DU,DU,DU
c h o r d  z o n e . o r g
Gm Eb Gm Eb

Gm                       Eb               
In the valley where the moons and lovers play
Gm                        Eb
Live two children who were born on Saturday
Gm                     Eb  Gm
One was dark, one was fair
Gm                     Eb
Followed by the hawk, mothered by the mare


Gm                           Eb
Stranger children you will never see
Gm                      Eb
Brothers of the forest and the sea
Gm                      Eb Gm
One was land, one was air
Gm                      Eb
And they kept the fires burning there


Gm                     Eb
In a golden vessel and silver vase
Gm                           Eb
Kept them burning in the strange enchanted place
Gm                        Eb Gm
Kept them burning to the sky
Gm                         Eb
For they knew someday the sun would die


Gm Eb Gm Eb

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