CRYSTAL LEWIS - Only Fools Chords and Lyrics

This song is from the album 25, released on 01 July 1992.

Vocals: Crystal Lewis ,

SongRating: 10/10

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Scale: D Major
Time Signature: 4/4
Tempo: 83
Suggested Strumming: DU,DU,DU,DU
c h o r d  z o n e . o r g
Transcribed By David Matthie

(Clapping) B (barre)    G  

Instrumental intro (Electrified classical guitar): D

                                   D-7     C     G     F#m     Em     Bm
Lead: (humming) 

  A     Bm     A     D     A     D
 D-1                       D-15
Only fools, follow gold. 
    A  G  D  F#m    Em      A   
Only wise men know.
A-1  Em   Bm
I’m no fool.
Bm-5    A     G     A      D
You’ve changed my point of view.
A    D    A    Em    D

D-1             D-7     D-15  G D  A C  Em Bm
To be kind is, a quality that, I richly desire.
   Bm-1           G                D
It is better to be poor, than a liar.
  D-14          G                  Bm    F#
I no longer see, things controlling me.
                Bm           Bm-3   A     D
I know, You have spoken, I have listened.    
    D-2               G             Fm       A
Only fools believe, only what they see—ee—ee—aaa—auh.
A-1                  A-12     D
The wise are rich, indeed…
What a friend we have in Jesus.
G                               D         Em
He hears all our cries. Haaa (joy sound).
Bm                   G                 A       D       D-11
If you listen, you will hear Him crying too.
  D-13       G                          F#
I know longer see the things controlling me.
         Bm                       Bm-5
O Lord; You have spoken, I have listened.
Bm-6     D       G         D            E        
Only fools believe, in only what they see-ee, yaaaaa.
   A                               D
The wise are rich indeed.


    D-7                        G
Du du du du du du du.
 G               E      Em
Oh, a, a—a, oh.
           Bm              A       D         A
Ya—a  aa…ummm.    (instrumental)

   A-4    D                G
Only fools follow gold.
   G-2       F#m    Em            Bm
Only wise men – Knoo—ow.
  Bm-2               G
No fool –arrr—you.
      G-3     A     D
Change my point of view.
   D-13          G                 G-5         F#
I no longer see—Ha—things controlling me, no.
F-8      Bm                                   D
You have spoken, I have listened.
  D-3             D-7  G         D           Em 
Only fools believe, only what they see.
   Em-1                  Em-8
  Em-9   A     E        A
Wise are rich indeed.
  A-3        G                                  F#m
I no longer see—things controlling me.
    F#                Bm
Oh.    No-o-o-o.
   Bm-1                                     Bm-6
You have spoken, I have—listened.
   Bm-7                            D
  D-1                     G            D        Em    A
Only fools believe, in only what they see.
   A-1                                              A-30
The wise are rich, indeed … ee-ee-ee-ee.
  A-31               Em           D
Umm—um—umm … umm—umm—umm.
(Guitar and cheering). …. End.

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