REV. C. L. FRANKLIN - Your Mother Loves You All The Time Chords and Lyrics

This song is from the album Selected Sermnons and Gospel Music(2006), released on 02 May 2006.

SongRating: 9/10

Requested By Bettye
Scale: D Major
Time Signature: 6/8
Tempo: 95
Suggested Strumming: D,D,D,D,D,D
c h o r d  z o n e . o r g
Transcribed by David Matthie

Instrumental intro: Piano starts in Am  

                  Am   D   D-8                                
Lead (L): Your Mother … is a friend. 
D-25      G
Is with you
G-4     D    A
To the end.
  A-4   D   Bm
No other
Bm-4             D    E
What all nights like
  E-4            Am  E  A  Am
Where you find . . . . . . . 
 Em    D   A
Over you
 A-2       D
You can depend
 D-5      G       G-5          Em
A helping . . . hands . . . laying

Em-10   D    Bm
Your mother
Bm-1    Bm-5    E    A
Looves her children
A-4  D        Bm
All the time
 D-5  Am          D
Auuuh, when children
  A  D
Go away
  D-7      G
Mother prays for them
 G-9       D
Night and day
 A-5   D      D-11      E
She always, keeps it resting
  E-4   E-12  A  E  A
On her mind.
  A-3  D  Am
  Em   D    A          D
She’s always, on her knees
  D-7    G 
Crying, Lord; have a . . . have mercy please.
  E-4    D
Your Mother
  D-4   Bm         E   A
Loves her children
  A-4    D          G       D
All the time ... C: All the time.
  D-6          G
L: Yeeesss, your Mother
  D               G
Loves her children
  G-10     D   Em    D
All the time
  D-4       D-8       G   D
Yeeeeesss, your Mother
   D-2   G                G-7         E
Loves her children . . . All the time.
    E-2      A 
C: All the time – yaaa!
            F ♯    Em                D
L: Aallll!     NO matter
What the crime . . .
  D-10     D-16   G
And . . .she will say this:
   G-6       Em
Child of mine.
Em-10  D    Bm
Your Mother
  Bm-2           E      A
Loves her children. C: Loves her children.
    A-2     D        G   D
L: All the time. C: All the time.
    D-3              G        G-2
L: Ohhh . . .your Mother. C: Your Mother.
L: Oh, your Mother
Loves her children
C: Loves her children.
    G-14     D
L: All the time.
C: All the time.
    D-9      D-11     G
L: Yeeesss; your Mother
C: Oh, your Mother
L: Loves her children
C: Loves her children
    G-11    A    E  //
L: All the time.

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