The Most Popular Latin Songs Right Now

The music industry is one of the largest and most successful industries in the world. One of the main reasons for this is that music can be universally enjoyed. Regardless of where you live and what language you speak, you can still make and enjoy music. People may enjoy different styles or genres of music, but that doesn’t change the fact that you can still enjoy music regardless of location. In addition, each location typically adds their own flare to music. For example, the southern and western portions of the United States will typically primarily listen to country music, while music lovers in Asia and the Pacific might tend to lean towards a genre like K-pop. In Latin America, the dominant genre is latin music. This music can be defined by its upbeat tones and is easy to dance to the rhythm. Latin music has become so popular that it has begun to intertwine with American pop music. It is not uncommon for popular American songs to have heavy latin influences, and some of these songs have even topped charts in America. So, what are the best and most popular latin songs right now that everyone is raving about?

Daddy Yankee is one of the most well known Latin artists currently, and he has another hit  on his hands with Con Calma. The Puerto Rican artist teamed with Canadian rapper Snow in order to create this hit. The song has been topping Latin music charts recently, and has even cracked the top 25 of the U.S charts. To further appeal to U.S audiences, the song has a remix featuring American pop star Katy Perry, something that could cause the song to rise up the charts even more.

Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny teamed up with Candian rapper Drake in order to create this Latin chart topper. Although the song was released in late 2018, it still remains one of the most downloaded and streamed Latin songs of 2019. The song peaked at number five on charts in the U.S, but topped the charts in Spanish speaking countries such as Spain. The presence of superstar Drake on the track probably helped the song gain traction in international markets, but that doesn’t take away from how popular this song is.

Despite being released several years ago, Despacito amazingly is still one of the most played and listened to Latin songs out there. The song has worldwide popularity, as it enjoyed several weeks atop the music charts. Lovers of all genres have heard and enjoyed this song, and the song even has a remix featuring pop singer Justin Bieber, further bridging the gap between other genres. Even though the song was released in 2017, it is currently the #10 most downloaded Latin song on Itunes for 2019, and has been streamed countless times this year as well. The song may not be as new as the other songs on the list, but its insane popularity makes it one of the top Latin songs out right now. When people who don’t traditionally listen to Latin music think about this genre, this is probably one of the first songs they think of.

Loco Contigo (DJ Snake & J Balvin Featuring Tyga)

This song, starring Latin singers/rappers DJ Snake and J Balvin recently released on June 13th, and is already making waves. The song features American rapper Tyga, and is known for its upbeat music and catchy tune. Even though the song has only been out for a few days, it is already the 6th most downloaded Latin song on Itunes for the year of 2019. The song is expected to shoot up the charts even more when its out longer and more people are exposed to it. This might even be another international hit reminiscent of when Despacito dominated global music charts during the summer of 2017. We may just have the song of the summer on our hands.
Columbian star Karol G wowed fans with the release of her album Ocean that featured a title track by the same name. The song was recently released in May of 2019, but has already begun its accession up the charts. In addition, the song and album is helping to change the world. The artist has already announced that some of the proceeds generated by the album will go to cleaning the ocean. Not only is Karol G producing some amazing music, but is also making the world a better place.

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