Why hasn't my requested song been published yet?
Ans: Your song might not have been published because:
-You haven't commented on your previous requested song. Sharing and commenting on posts will help you to get your chords published sooner.
-There might be too many songs on queue. If you have cleared the above criteria, you can expect your requested song to be published soon.
-You might have given the wrong email id. I always verify email ids before processing their request, therefore, please ensure that you type in the correct email id

How can I support you to create more content?
Ans: You can support me on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/sudhin

How do I suggest more songs?
Ans: You can suggest songs using the "Suggest A Song" feature.

How can I write my own review of a song?
Ans: You can use the comment systems(Facebook, Disqus) for leaving your review. You can also use the "Add" feature to write your review of a song(Make sure you include the name of the song that you are reviewing).

How do I submit suggestions and ideas for www.chordzone.org?
Ans: You can use the "Add" feature for suggesting ideas and opinions to me. 

When will the ChordZone app be released?
Ans: The app is under construction and will be released very soon.

Why are there some chords in songs which do not have the mouseover tab display?
Ans: Most songs that were published before the redesign of the site will be having trouble displaying the tabs properly. Please let me know by posting a comment on that song.

Have any more questions? Ask me using the "Add" feature and I will be glad to answer them.


  1. Hey sudhin each and every chords you post is perfect. Your site is a big help. Would you also consider posting a video of your techniche in figuring out chords. Thanks :)