MARY KOM - Salaam India

This song is from the hindi movie "Mary Kom" featuring Priyanka Chopra as the lead.
A perfect patriotic song. I like the A R Rahman touch to this song, it might be because of the heavy instruments and the way the notes are sung, which brings me back to the Vande Mataram version by A R Rahman. This song has got it's perks and is likely to be used for displaying patriotism in the future. There are some aspects of this song that I am not very fond of, mainly the lack of motivation to listen to the song. First of all, if you are producing a patriotic song, it needs to have some power and punch in it, the only power I find in this song is the rhythm section, the music doesn't really lift my spirits.

Rating: 6/10
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Scale: E Major Time Signature: 4/4 Tempo: 105 INTRO E E Jhuke tere aage sar E Teri godh mera ghar E Hai tujhe Salaam India E Mushqil waqt me bhi na hum khoye hausla E Milke saath chalne ka yun kar le faisla E Mitti hum jo chume toh milta josh hai E Bas teri hi khaatir jaan ye sarfarosh hai F#m D E Jeet ka jashan hum manayenge F#m D E Aasmaan tiranga sajana aaj hai F#m D E Shaan se sabhi ko batayenge D C B Jeet lenge ye saara jahaan [CHORUS x2] E Jhuke tere aage sar A Teri godh mera ghar C D E Hai tujhe Salaam India E Ho abr se irrade hon A Koshishon ke waade hon D E Manzil milegi chaahe raahein ho khafa (x2) E Desh ye sikhata hai himmatein badhata hai D A Thhokar se gir ke na tu rukna bewajah C#m Tera ye watan kar kuch bhi jatan C#m Tu jaan bhi is pe lutta de tu C#m E Darr ko dara ke raggo mein fateh ka josh jaga A D E Arsh ki udaane lagani hain A D E In hawaaoon ka rukh badalna aaj hai A D E Desh ye ibbadat humari hai D C B De tu ye aaj sab ko bataa [CHORUS x4] E Jhuke tere aage sar A Teri godh mera ghar C D E Hai tujhe Salaam India

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