PK - Love Is A Waste Of Time

This song is from the hindi movie "PK" starring Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma.
Even though I heard only a minute of the song, I love the playfulness and the punch in the song. The way that both the singers have expressed the feel and the peppiness in the song is really worth mentioning. The composition also seems really interesting to listen to. The background instruments are done really well and the vocals are mixed extremely well.

SongRating: 8/10
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Scale: E Major Time Signature: 4/4 Tempo: 75 [INTRO] E E Tujhe tak tak tak takte rehna E Teri bak bak bak sunte rehna E Kaam-kaaj sab bhool bhula ke E tere piche piche chalte rehna A B ee to hai waste of time A B Love is a waste of time A B Pyaar vyaar waste of time A B Ee love is waste of time E Aa aa aa... E Phir bhi soch liya hun man maa E Ek baar toh iss jeevan maa A B Kar le waste of time A B Karna hai waste of time A B I want to waste my time A B Love is bhaste of time E B E E Aa aa aa...

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