This song is from the movie Chor Bazaari(2015), released on July 2015 starring Ankkit Narranayan, Ipsita Patil.
Even though I enjoyed the string sections in this song, the vocals and the rhythm didn’t feel right. The bass was fine, it could have been better. This song could have used a better and powerful vocals, like Arijit Singh.
SongRating: 8/10

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Scale: F Major
Time Signature: 4/4
Tempo: 107
Suggested Strumming: DU,DU,DU,DU

[INTRO] F Dm Bb C x4
F             Dm
Hai koi kahin na kahin
Bb            C
Mere liye jo hai banaa
     F          Dm
Na jaane kyun lagta hai yeh
    Bb             C
Ki tere liye main hoon banaa
    F          C        Bb    C
Mujhko meri tarah dhoondta sochta

F              Dm
Chhann se jo aaye nazar
    Bb                C
Ho jaaye phir kahin lapata
    F           Dm
Us sey hai jo rishta koi
    Bb           C
Par kya hai woh mere khuda


F                     Dm
Chahata hoon main tujhe
          Bb            C
Kuch iss tarah se jaan-e-jaan
     F            Dm        Bb        C
Ki hawaa bhi aa sakegi na humare darmiyaan
      F               Dm
Saath honge hum iss tarah
         Bb             C
Jaise saath hote hain jism-o-jaan
      F               Dm
Hosh mein kabhi na aaun main
   Bb               C
Thamm hi jaaye ye lamhaa..

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