TORI KELLY – Where I Belong (Intro)


This song is from the album Unbreakable Smile(2015), released on Jun 23, 2015.
I enjoyed that sexy blues touch to this song. The guitar and the chords played were really interesting, I loved that E Major chord towards the end of the song. The lyrics felt nice and the her voice was amazing. Did you like it? Comment below.
SongRating: 10/10

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Scale: D Major
Time Signature: 4/4
Tempo: 60
Suggested Strumming: DU,DU,DU,DU

D           D7            G
I'm just a girl and her guitar
D           D7               G
Trying to give you my whole heart
D              D7             G
If there's anybody out there listening to me
G                Gm             F#m Bm
All I have is a story and a dream
       G             Gm         D
Here I am, and that's all I can be

             A          D         G
You know I forget to breathe sometimes
            A         D     G
And I'm so afraid to fall behind
           A               D/F#          G
Why do I let the pressure take over my mind?
        Gm         F#            Bm E
When I know the truth is never wrong
       G             Gm        D         D7
I'm alright, this is right where I belong

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