Top 5 Songs of All Time About Love and Feelings

Top 5 Songs of All Time About Love and Feelings 

My Heart Will Go On is truly legendary. Everybody has heard it at least once in their lifetime. Consider how popular this song truly was (and is), every time some of your classmates were caught in an intimate contact with their girlfriend or boyfriendyour buddies would definitely starsinging Every night in my dreams…,” and everyone around them would laugh. In general, the main theme music from the Titanic had unquestioned authority. At school discos, when the first chords of this song came up, it was fashionable to somehow ironicize the composition, but in reality, everyone wanted a love story like the characters of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Without a fatal outcome, of course. 

This track ideally expressed that teenage yearning out of boredom while waiting for a miracle that never came. When we were leaving for the summer holidays, almost everyone had a feeling that it was the next September 1st that would become special. Boys will suddenly stop behaving like thugs, and girls will not be all arrogant and touchy. Or maybe a newcomer will come to the classroom and save you from the mire of everyday life. But most of all, these hopes were in vain. School disco was the same oasis and hope for a miracle in miniature: this legendary introductory whistle from Wind of Change sounds, you look around the twilight of the assembly hall in the hope that your secret love is alone and bored, and you have the courage to invite them to dance. This song is not only important as a piece of “love music” but as a legendary song as a whole. It is one of the most widely recognized songs in the world, and not for nothing. It brings back memories, which is truly important. 

To get this right out of the way, this song is about the biggest loss in a person’s life - it’s about losing a loved one. This may sound counterintuitive, yet it is beautiful nonetheless. It is incredibly melodic; it brings back memories, perhaps tears to some, which is a shame, but still. Love is the strongest feeling of them all, and to truly reach out to a person’s soul with just a few tunes (that is, if we are able to "disassemble” the music to its most primitive components and meaning) is truly incredible and fascinating. Dullness is the biggest enemy of love; boredom ruins everything; this song will surely be the opposite of these things, filling you up with memories, joy, love, and the rest is up to you.  

Roxette were everywhere when I was young. They were so popular, and there was a reason for that, as they have made one of the best love songs of all times. Perhaps it was some kind of story about the continuity of generations: every other year, you can hear it playing at a disco or in someone’s car. It could only mean that while generations change, some things stay the same; some things are not bound by time and such. It's funny that It Must Have Been Love is a song about the end, about faded feelings and the need to let go of the past. But again, what is love without attachment? If you truly love and care for a person, you will surely miss them. 

Being on stage for half a century, you become a legend whether you like it or not. This legendary musician has created 14 albums. The first – The Songs of Leonard Cohen - was released in 1967, and the last – You Want It Darker  saw the world just a few weeks before his death. You can argue who he was more: a poet or a musician. Cohen's first poetic collection, Let Us Compare Mythologies, was printed 10 years before the first recorded album, in 1956. Later, he met producer John Hemond and recorded The Songs of Leonard Cohen. His discography speaks for itself, yet we would like to focus on the all-time classic. Hallelujah is considered one of the most beautiful lyric songs of all time, and it’s hard not to agree. There are about 80 variations of text written by Cohen, and he rarely performed only the main one. Which is absolutely outstanding, who would ever make 80 versions of a song if not a person who is truly passionate about his craft. That alone is inspiring, not to mention that the song itself is stunning. 
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