A 4-Point Guide In Converting Video From Youtube Into Mp3

Many people have been looking for ways to convert YouTube videos into MP3 without hassle.Many suggestions on the internet promise to convert your videos to MP3, but only a few offer legitimate and good quality services. Some websites will even trick you into downloading a
virus, instead of your MP3 file.

Aside from knowing a number of legitimate online Youtube to MP3 converters, you should first
consider the legal issues of your video. Make sure you ask permission from the owner of the
video if it’s not yours.

Here is a 4-point guide to help you convert your YouTube videos into MP3 files.

1. Locate YouTube Video URL

In locating your YouTube video URL, you just have to click the URL address of the video and copy everything. You should know the difference between playlist links and single video links, as some converters won’t convert the videos if they’re not single video links.

You need to go to YouTube and search for the music you want to convert. For example, you can type in the YouTube search bar “Can't Say I Ain't Country(2019)” and hit Enter. Click the video that you want and copy the URL of the video.

2. Select a Converter

There are various choices of converters that you can choose from the internet. There are three ways that you can select a converter for your file to be converted.

● Online Converters. There are online converters that have separate websites that offer
video converting services which lets you download the file after converting it to your
desired format. There’s also online converters that allow you to add a few letters to the
YouTube link and will redirect you to their site. One of the most common ways to do this
is to add the word “gen” before the word YouTube in the address bar and download your
desired format file.
● Desktop Converters. You can install an MP3 converter app to your computer and convert
your videos using that app.

3. Convert Your Video

Different platforms have different ways of converting your video link, but each one of them
needs your YouTube link. Once you’ve located your YouTube video URL and chosen a
converter, copy and paste the YouTube video URL to the converter. Then click Convert or
Download if it automatically converts your video.

4. Save Your File

Saving the file is probably the most forgotten method of most users. Don’t forget that the files don’t automatically save in your computer. Make sure that you have downloaded the file and saved it to your desired location.

The Bottom Line

Converting YouTube videos into MP3 shouldn’t be more hassle than following those four steps. Just make sure that you’re using reliable converters and legal video files. Always check if the file is exactly what you need and expect it to be or else get rid of it immediately.

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