10 Best Rap Songs about Love

While rap music has often gotten a bad reputation for being about negative lifestyles, the fact is that’s definitely not the case with every rap song. The truth is that there are plenty of rap songs that are all about love. These 10 rap songs mix in a lot of unique themes but the overall idea is that love is important, worthwhile, and fun to experience.

1. Space Bound- Eminem

Famous for his less than perfect love life, Eminem captures the feelings of love and their darker side. The song says you have to be aware of love lest it become possessiveness, which is the complete opposite.

2. Super Bass- Nicki Minaj

Have you ever liked someone so much that they make your hear slam in your chest? That’s what Super Bass is all about and it’s delivered by none other than Nicki Minaj.

3. Best I Ever Had- Drake

What else is there to say? Drake is singing about the best love he ever had and how nobody compares. It’s not a new message, but the delivery here is spot on.

4. 03’ Bonnie & Clyde- Jay Z and Beyonce

The most famous couple in modern day music delivers a powerhouse of a song about being the partners, lovers, and accomplices with each other. It’s love at its deepest.

5. Just a Friend- Biz Markie

This song is about a guy that thinks he found a great loving person, only to discover that she’s really seeing someone else. It’s a bit of a soul-crushing ending, but that’s love sometimes.

6. 21 Questions- 50 Cent

Love is not something that should only be given when a guy is at his best. He needs to know you’re going to be there through thick and thin, and that’s what this song is asking. Are you going to be there for you loving date? Relationships are deep, and this song tries to get down to the bedrock for the sake of finding a good partner.

7. I Need Love- LL Cool J

Sometimes you have to admit something hard and make a change. The singer in this song realizes that he needs love and not just random women here and there.

8. Love the Way You Lie- Rihanna

Love can be hurtful when someone is being suspicious of your intentions. Rihanna and Eminem sing an amazing song about how you can start off meaning well in a relationship and end up with tragedy.

9. I Need a Girl- Diddy

Diddy essentially gives the audience a laundry list of the things that he expects out of a great woman. However, it’s clear that being at the singer’s side is a lot of stress and maybe not necessarily the great romance that you want. It’s something to think about before you hook up with a famous rapper.

10. You Got Me- The Roots

This song by The Roots is about how fame can affect a person’s romantic life. Basically, it’s telling the audience that they don’t have to jump to conclusions about a person’s intentions even if they are out at night and they might worry. It’s sweet and reassuring even for partners of famous people.

All in all, there are many different rap songs that are concerned with love out there today. Although they come in various forms, the overarching message is the same. If these songs have gotten your love mindset working, then maybe it’s time to head to this dating site or dress up and hit the clubs. You might not have the same experience that is found in these songs, but you could have a life-altering relationship.

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