10 Best Songs about Love

Music is a great way to express many emotions, but it is best used to examine and reflect upon love. Whether you are waiting for a date to start or trying to find a partner on the OneNightFriend dating site, love songs can have a tremendous impact on you. We’re going to take a look at the 10 best songs about love and why you should pay attention to them.

1. The Power of Love- Huey Lewis and the News

Love can build you up or break you down. That’s the lesson that Huey Lewis and the News were trying to teach their audience when they broke out this catchy song in the mid-1980s. It’s a timeless classic that talks about the power of love to transform people in unexpected ways. 

2. Hello- Adele

Not every love story ends well, and Adele’s “Hello” deals with the aftermath of a breakup. The lovelorn singer asks their former partner how they were able to get over the loss while the singer was so completely broken by it.

3. I Will Always Love You- Whitney Houston

Sometimes a breakup is what both people need to develop, but it’s still going to hurt. That’s what Whitney Houston crooned in “I Will Always Love You”, even if she is not going to be with the same person as before. 

4. Teenage Dream- Katy Perry

Love doesn’t have to be all about the negatives, though. This song talks about how the right lover makes you feel energetic and refreshed even if you’re a little older.

5. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough- Diana Ross

Love is dedication. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough has a message that the singer in the song is going to be there for their partner no matter what even if it causes them personal turmoil. That’s true dedication there. 

While it was famous for being in the film Titanic, this song is about living or dead lovers that still maintain a hold on you even after they’re gone. Love can remind you of the good times and the bad alike, for better or worse. 

7. She Will be Loved- Maroon 5

She Will Be Loved has a singer that is looking out for a friend who seems to be making all the wrong decisions. It’s unrequited love and it speaks to an experience most people have had. 

8. This Town- Niall Horan

Love and loss go together in the most painful ways. This song is from the perspective of a man that has to deal with seeing his ex with another person and how hard it is to move on. If he had treated her better, maybe things would have turned out right. 

9. All of Me- John Legend

Not every love is out of a storybook, some of them are a little rougher around the edges. Even if you aren’t the most perfect person, you can still find love with someone. 

10. Kiss- Prince

Not every part of love is about finding the perfect partner, sometimes it is all chemical. Kiss is all about the physical act of love and how you don’t even have to have the perfect body to experience that aspect of love. Leave it to Prince to find the most roundabout way of talking about making love.

As you can see, there are a lot of different songs about love that you can listen to. They each can impact the listener differently and each holds a lot of value in their lessons about love. All in all, every one of these songs is something that you should take some time to listen to while you are falling into love, in love, or trying to get over a lost love.

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