5 tips on how to promote your music show and increase the number of viewers

I'm not the biggest supporter of the idea of ​​"working wisely, don't work too much". Shouldn't we do both? Whatever it is, there are always ways to improve the efficiency of your work. When it comes to promoting shows, it's almost always a matter of time. See the five topics below and understand why I say this.

1. Review the schedule of local shows before making a call

There is something that must be taken into account before you even begin to open the secret. You will not always get the date you want (even more if you are on tour), but when you get the date you want, look for the city concert schedule before hitting the hammer. Try to avoid competition with other bands in the same style on the same night. This will not only help the two shows have more viewers, but will also show that you respect other musicians.

Know that you will not be able to avoid show conflicts with other bands. Even when you think you have chosen one day without a cucumber, someone can order a contradictory event after you make you. You still have to try to avoid conflict. Worth the effort.

2. Paste the poster one month before

You must have a poster that announces your performance at the house where you will play, at least a month before your appearance. Many posters will be better, of course, and hang some at the show house, others in neighborhoods and bars around, or other places that your audience might visit. However, if you can't afford a few, it's better to have at least one in the venue. Interested in using brochures? You can rely on cheap brochure printing USA shipping.

3. Create social networking posts at the best time

Using social networking to promote your show is a sure thing, of course. But you can use this tool better by posting at the peak time of every social network.

4. Suck on the program a week before

If your budget is limited and you are unable to promote posting on social networks, think about sponsoring a few posts a week from the event and invest less money. Even with $ 20, you might make some people go to the show. (Seriously, I spent $ 15 yesterday and the response was significant, with six people confirming that they attended the event. Among the attendees, and four days before the event.)

5. Invite the press, but have them cover in advance

A positive review of your show is always welcome to your band, but the pre-show coverage is best to increase the audience. Do not just invite a journalist to go to the show. First, ask if they have no interest in doing a pre-show coverage.

Contacting the right journalist is very important here. Does he write about upcoming shows? Do the vehicles he writes report shows? Do they cover your style bands? Read this list before contacting the press, to get the tips from a PR, and make sure your efforts make sense. For some reasons, coverage is easier to get when you're out of town. Your visit to the place is already a reason for a story.
Got it? Know the ways to improve your audience?


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