Top 10 Easiest Guitar Songs in Malayalam


Most of the songs in the Malayalam language are written with simple chords. They are very easy to play on the guitar.

Although some songs do have complicated chords, you can always replace them with the easier version of the chord. For example, if the chord is an Fmaj7, you can use an F Major chord instead. This will not be a perfect match for the song, but it will sound somewhat similar.

If you feel like the song is in a difficult key for you to play, you can click on the “♭/#” on the toolbar & change the key to something that you are comfortable with. If the song is in F Major, and you are not comfortable playing F Major key, click on the “” once, to transpose it to E Major. Now keep the capo on the first fret & play the E Major chords. The song will sound like it is on F Major, but you can use the chords for E Major and play the song comfortably.

Anyways, here are my Top 10 Easiest Malayalam Songs to play on the guitar.

10. KADHA – Mazhayulla Rathriyil

This beautiful song composed by Ouseppachan, and written by Gireesh Puthenjeri, is a simple and easy song to play on the guitar. If you transpose it to D Major, the chords are pretty easy to follow along. You can keep the capo on the second fret, and play the chords to D Major.

9 .VETTOM – Mazhathullikal

B R Prasad has done an amazing job in making the verses of this song so beautiful. The amazing rendition by M G Sreekumar, makes it even better. The original key is C Major, and the Bb Major chord might seem difficult for at least some of you. The better option is to increase the key to D Major. This makes the chords less complicated and easier to play on the guitar.

8. HARIKRISHNANS – Ponnambal

This is a fairly complicated song due to the different chord changes that happen throughout. If you transpose this song to C Major & keep the capo on the second fret, it becomes pretty easy to play it. There are no complex chords in C Major, and makes it a breeze to play the song. Being one of the highest grossing film of its time, the songs in Harikrishnans, are in no doubt beautiful to listen.


This is one of the most well know and classic songs in the malayalam movie industry. Mammooty’s impeccable portrayal of the character and K.J.Yesudas‘s heavenly voice makes this song a must listen for all music lovers. The orchestration by Vidyasagar, and the beautiful lyrics of Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri, makes this a magical song. The song is in D Major scale, which makes it really easy to play on the guitar. There is an F# Minor chord which comes in between the song, you can leave the First & Second strings open, which gives it a graceful feel to the song.

6. RANDAAM BHAVAM – Marannittumenthino

This song is one of my favorite songs to play on the guitar. The original key is F Major, but it might be easier to play it in E Major. I would bring it down to E Major and keep the capo on the first fret. This makes it a lot easier to play. If you add some sus4 or sus2 chords, it would make it even better. P Jayachandran‘s voice sounds so good to listen in this song.


This is a very simple song in the key of A Major. Written by Vinayak Sasikumar & composed by Ankit Menon, this melodious song is such a breeze to play. You can use a plucking style to arpeggiate through the chords. Almost all the songs from this movie (Gauthamante Radham) are easy to play and they sound amazing.

4. DEAR COMRADE – Madhu Pole

The stunning vocals by Sid Sriram, and the beautiful lyrics of Joe Paul, guarantees that this song is a hit. There are only a few basic chords in this song. Therefore, it is very easy to play it on the guitar. Anyone who knows the basic chords can play it very easily. There is no need to transpose it to any key. You can transpose it lower, if the original key is too high for your vocals.


Sithara Krishnakumar‘s vocal and the beautiful instrumentation is what makes this song so beautiful to listen & sing along. If the original key seems difficult for you, you can transpose it to C Major. This simplifies all the chords and would make it very easy to sing and play the chords on the guitar.

2. BIG BROTHER – Oru Dinam

This song is one of the trending songs of this year. Starring Mohanlal, the movie Big Brother was bound to be a box-office hit. The music by Deepak Dev, & the awesome lyrics by Rafeeq Ahammed makes this song so beautiful to listen to. Although the song is in G Minor, transposing it to E Minor and keeping the capo on the 3rd fret would make this song so simple and easy to understand. There are no complex chords, and the strumming pattern is very easy.

1.HELEN – Thaarapadhamaake

This is by far the simplest song to play. The original key of F# Major might not be very easy to play on the guitar, you can transpose the song to E Major, and then keep the capo on the second fret. This would make it sound like it is in the key of F# Major, but you can play the chords in E Major. You can also transpose it to G Major & play it more easily.


Do you think I’ve missed out a few simpler songs? Leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to add them.
Let me know if these songs are too easy or difficult to play on the guitar.


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