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TOP Quality Transcription Services 2021

TOP Quality Transcription Services 2021

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MT 2021 Rating: 7 Quality and Top Transcription Services

MD Are you looking for the most workable and quality transcription service? This list of the best and quality transcription services will surely help. Review it.

H1 TOP Quality Transcription Services: 2021 Review

Have you faced the necessity to transform your audio to text or video to text, and ordinary tools don’t work? Are you looking for quality at affordable rates? Have you lost yourself among the variety of options existing on the Internet? We have made necessary searches for you and instead of you to suggest the best, from our point of view, transcription services. So, which services deserve your attention?

  1. Transcriberry

This service is our favorite one. It applied advanced tools, technologies to ensure the best quality and speed of operation. It also involves professionals to its team. Transcriberry can easily help you with any type of content you have, any. Its support also operates very well. The quality you may get here is far above the average. In one word – we recommend this service to you. Transcribing video to text of any type and transcribing audio to text (of any type also) will become hundreds of times easier. The level of accuracy is 99%. The speed and quality of services are ensured maximally well.

  1. Rev

This service has worked a lot to form its range of services. It is really impressive. If you need a service for detecting errors and getting transcriptions fast, this option may become the best one. The service can perform fast – in a couple of hours only when you need the result urgently. But, that is workable for small projects only. If you have a lot of information, this may take a lot of time. In general, the platform renders services operatively. But, our reviewers saw faster options for large massive of input data. The service can suggest human transcribers additionally to AI.

  1. Sonix

This service is fully automated and applies advanced AI. This makes the service extremely fast. But, in certain complicated cases, the level of accuracy may suffer as transcription service is provided not by the humans. Using various editing tools may help with that. Commenting options and subtitles are also available. The service can also suggest an integration feature with such services as YouTube, Zoom, Vimeo, Dropbox, etc.

The service is good. But, it can ensure a high level of accuracy only for recordings without any background noises and accents difficult to understand.

  1. GoTranscript

The strong point of this service is the accuracy of transcription services, even for recordings with difficult accents. The service can suggest services for more than 40 languages. It also may be helpful for identifying the tone or eliminating background noise as well as transcribing a low-quality recording.

The service can suggest a quick turnaround time for all orders. Manual transcription also can be arranged quickly. The pricing options are pretty much affordable, but they are a bit higher than similar to other quality options available in the market.

  1. Scribie

Scribie is a good option of transcription service that can suggest to its customers both manual and automated transcription services. The level of accuracy reaches 99%. And the work can be done in 36 hours. These extra features are also available: time coding, subtitles, tracking of a speaker, etc.

This service also suggests an option of tracking the process of transcription and downloading these intermediary versions. That could be very helpful if you need any working version of transcription ASAP.

The process of ordering transcriptions is more than easy. A customer need only choose a file, upload it, select the preferable pricing plan, make that payment, and download a Word version of a file a bit later.

  1. GMR Transcription 

The service suggests to its customers both automated and human transcription services. Also, it offers the service of transcribing hard copies of documents to their electronic versions. That could be a very helpful option if you are going to rearrange your document flow well. 

The quality of transcription services is above average. This service provides a high level of accuracy and customer support. If you need to get customized transcription options for your case, this may be the right place for that.

  1. Temi

This service can be good if you want to save money. It offers automated transcription only. But, it uses advanced technical tools for that. It is possible to transcript the video to text or audio to the text within 5-10 minutes only. But, the service cannot be good if you have a recording with severe background noises or of poor quality. So, the accuracy level is a bit lower compared with the services that use manual transcriptions.

You may enjoy transcription services here without minimum monthly payments or subscriptions. So, if you need transcription services only occasionally, this can be the right place. This is a good option for automated transcription. 

We hope this review will shorten your time for Internet searches and make a final choice of a transcription service that can help to solve transcription issues you have got at the moment easily. Save this review for a case when professional transcription services may become required. 


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