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THE WEEKND – A Tale By Quincy Chords and Tabs for Guitar and Piano

THE WEEKND – A Tale By Quincy Chords and Tabs for Guitar and Piano

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This song is from the album Dawn FM(2022), released on 07 January 2022. The vocals are by The Weeknd, the music is produced by Oneohtrix Point Never, Quincy Jones , The Weeknd, and the lyrics are written by Max Martin, Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman, Oneohtrix Point Never , The Weeknd.
This song is originally in the key of C Minor. You can change it to any key you want, using the Transpose option. The average tempo is 94 BPM. These chords are simple and easy to play on the guitar, ukulele or piano.

Original Key: C Minor
Time Signature: 4/4
Tempo: 94
Suggested Strumming: DU,DU,DU,DU
c h o r d  z o n e . o r g

 Ab  Cm   Ab Cm 
 That's it
 Looking back now, I didn't know what it was supposed to be
 And it's like raising kids, man
 If you weren't raised, you don't know how to raise, you know?
 I just did the best that I could with them because
 They know fuckin' well I love them
 But I didn't do the best I could
 I didn't know what the fuck I was doing
     Fm  Bb 
 I didn't
 Bb                                 Cm
 I will never forget watching my mother get put in a straightjacket
   Cm                                       Fm
 And taken out of my home when I was only seven years old
                        Bb                                     Ab
 She was diagnosed with Dementia praecox and put in a mental institution

  Ab                                    Cm
 Leaving my daddy alone with me and my little brother Lloyd
 I latеr had an evil stepmother who furthеr 
  Fm                     Ab
 cemented the idea that I didn't need a mother
 Growing up without one had long lasting influence 
 Fm                                              Ab 
 I didn't fully understand until much later in life

 It bled into my relationships with family 
 Cm                                        Fm 
 and those I had become romantically involved with
  Fm                            Bb
 Whenever I got too close to a woman, I would cut her off
 Part of that was vindictive and partially based on fear
                  Fm               Bb
 But it was also totally subconscious
 Looking back is a bitch, isn't it?

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