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Super Fun Spanish Songs to Learn the Language


We all have heard that music transcends boundaries, and this is not cliched; it stands true in all its wide-ranging aspects. Classic music, contemporary, and pop- all the music styles that were once native to specific geographies have spread worldwide.  No matter what the language or style of the music, if it hits your chords, you are bound to listen to it repeatedly. 

Spanish songs are some incredible music numbers that hook you to their scintillating groove. They are mostly catchy songs and are pleasant to listen to. 

But there is one more thing they can do- they improve your language. I mean, why wouldn’t you prefer to have a cheeky dance around while also catching up on the language? There are many ways of learning Spanish, but learning through songs is super effective as it helps improve your language skills while offering a fun experience. As a result, you pass your time and unwind while learning a new language between the lines. 

Here, in this article, we will list some of the best Spanish songs that can help you learn new vocabulary and expressions. The songs we have listed are a must to add to your playlist on your favorite music player. 

But before you hop on the list, let us remind you that to have a pleasant learning experience, you will have to ensure you either download the songs or stream them online without any hiccups. It could be only possible if you have a reliable internet connection. 

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Anyway, let’s get on to the list of Spanish songs now!

  1. Despacito – by Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee

If you haven’t heard Despacito yet, what have you been doing with your life? The super hit song, sung by soulful singer Louis Fonsi and multi-talented Daddy Yankee, broke the internet upon its release in 2017. Even today, six years later, you will hear it oozing parties and discos. Many factors are attributed to the popularity of Despacito, and one of them is its catchy melody and rhythm. It just spellbinds you with its groove, and it is easy to dance to and sing along to. The song offers top-notch pop elements that make the song extra vibrant and infectious. 

The lyrics of the song are soothing and romantic. So, we are sure you will love to understand what this song says to make more sense of the melody. The best thing is that this song has simple lyrics with easy-to-understand and remembered words. For example, the word Despacito means slowly. 

There you go, you just learned a super cool Spanish word!

  • Waka Waka – by Shakira

Arguably, the best FIFA Worldcup anthem ever produced, Waka Waka will remain superhit til the end of the world. It was released in 2010, and even today, if you ask anyone to hum a football song, they will come up with this song. Shakira, a famous singer, sang this extremely energetic and catchy song that perfectly reflects the spirit of the game. 

The lyrics of this song are an amalgamation of Spanish, English, and Cameroonian Fang languages. It is a simple song written with plain words, and it must be said that it is fairly sung. Therefore, it would be easy for you to understand and remember the Spanish lyrics sung in the song. 

  • A Dios le pido – by Juanes

Colombian Musician Juan Esteban Aristizábal Vásquez’s song A Dios le pido is a stellar song. If you love rock, this song is going to wreck your nerves. This a peaceful song in which the poet prays to God to protect his family and friends. It is the reason it has become a hymn of peace in Latin America. 

Besides, this song has subjunctive verbs attached to Dios le pido que, which means God, I ask you. Through this song, you can learn mundane expressions(mainly wishes and desires)

  • Bailando – by  Enrique Iglesias

Another song that makes it to our list is Bailando. It is one of those incredible songs that will get you dancing and singing along. This song is recommended for Spanish learners because it has repetitive lyrics, making it easier for you to learn and remember words and expressions. Although the chorus is pretty fast, it is sung clearly, so it is easy to comprehend whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner. 

  • Reggaetón lento – by CNCO ft. Little Mix

For many, this is the best Latin song ever. This song has an infectious melody. Validated by fans and critics, this is a go-to song to hook into. It offers an intimate and homely feeling, making it easy for you to sing along. 

It is one of those songs you will never get tired of listening to; thus, listening to it repetitively can help you learn vocabulary and expressions easily. But what makes it good is simple lyrics. It has a mix of English and Spanish lyrics so you can find lyrics in both subtitles. You will not only learn new vocabulary but its correct pronunciation. 

Final Words

You did not think about learning a new language through songs, did you? 

You can learn Spanish by understanding and singing along to some of the exceptional Spanish songs. Check out the list of easy-to-understand songs and add them to your playlist right away!