Ad Free Experience


Ads are sometimes really helpful and at the same time can cause you to lose your focus on the song that you are trying to learn.

Therefore, here is a new solution for you: Ad Free Songs

What can you expect from an Ad Free Song:

No Distractions: The song and the chords will have no ads or any sort of distractions anywhere.
Custom Backgrounds: You can add a custom background image for the chords page and that will be visible to the entire world to see. (It can even be your own photo or a promotional image)
Your Featured Video: If you have a video of you playing that song, that video can be put alongside the YouTube video of the original song on the page. This way, you can showcase your talent to the whole world.
Your name: Your name will be on the page in bold letters letting other users know that you have sponsored the page.

To sponsor a page, all you have to do is to donate $5 or Rs.200 towards the site via PayPal or wire transfer.

Check out this sponsored page for an overview of how things will be: Francesco Yates – Mercy

If you have any questions, please email me:

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