Why hasn’t my requested song been published yet?
Your song might not have been published because:
-You haven’t commented on your previous requested song. Sharing and commenting on posts will help you to get your chords published sooner.
-There might be too many songs on queue. If you have cleared the above criteria, you can expect your requested song to be published soon.
-You might have given the wrong email id. I always verify email ids before processing their request, therefore, please ensure that you type in the correct email id

How do I become an active member?
You can become an active member by commenting on the posts frequently and by sharing the posts on social media. Once you are frequent enough, you will be automatically considered as an active member of the site.

How can I support you to create more content?
You can support me on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/sudhin

How do I suggest more songs?
You can suggest songs using the “Suggest A Song” feature.
How can I write my own review of a song?
You can use the comment systems(Facebook, Disqus) for leaving your review. You can also use the “Add” feature to write your review of a song(Make sure you include the name of the song that you are reviewing).
How do I submit suggestions and ideas for www.chordzone.org?
You can use the “Add” feature for suggesting ideas and opinions to me. 
When will the ChordZone app be released?
The app is under construction and will be released very soon.
Have any more questions? Ask me using the “Add” feature and I will be glad to answer them.