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Hi, I am Sudhin, the author and editor of the site I was born in Kerala, India and finished by school in Muscat, Sultanate Of Oman. I have been playing music for almost 14 years now. I started off with the keyboard when I was in my school years. Once I knew the basics of keyboards, I started to learn guitar. I started to learn from the music books that my elder brother used to read. I still remember the days when all I knew was the G chord and the D chord.One day while watching TV, I came across the movie called School Of Rock(2003). I was so mesmerized by the way that the kid in that movie played the Spanish guitar, and I knew I had to learn how to play like that. My relative pitch was still in development in those days, but somehow I tried to learn the music that was taught in that movie (I think it was called Smoke On The Water). I was pretty impressed with myself.

Then I started my journey into the vast world of YouTube. I was searching for some song and came across BoyceAvenue. I was really impressed by their cover of the song “Shadow Of The Day” and decided I also want to play like that. So I watched the video and somehow learned to play the song on the keyboard. Then I browsed a few of their other videos and the guitar skills that they had were awesome.

I started to check for their chords and tabs from many websites such as, e-chords, etc. I tried hard to learn from those sites, but the amount of bad chords and tabs were too much.

Once as I was jamming with my school band to the song “My Love” by Westlife, my friend found the chords of this song from the ultimate-guitar site. I was so pissed off with the version that he showed me. Almost all the chords were either wrong or were not in the right form. I knew that I had to put up a better version.
Thus started my first blog post, but that happened on some other site that I don’t even remember. After that post, I posted a few chords on ultimate-guitar as well. They received positive feedback and good ratings. So I wanted to do this for a wider crowd, probably receive suggestions as well from the viewers. That’s when the idea of and the blog posts idea came to my mind.
Thus, on March 10th 2013, my blog was started.

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