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Top Songs To Play This Christmas


The jingling of bells and the impeccably adorable decorations at every corner of the city indicates the onset of Christmas Eve. We are going to celebrate Christmas 2021 in a few days and it is the beginning of the New Year Eve celebration. Sitting around with your loved ones sipping a warm cup of hot chocolate while you sing some Christmas songs with your instrument! It can’t get any better!

Today I’ll be sharing some of my favorite songs to get that perfect Christmas vibe.


  1. White Christmas

When we think about Christmas, probably the first name that pops into our mind is Michael Bublé. His unique voice gives off Frank Sinatra vibes which is more of a time travel back to the 90’s. Christmas is the seventh studio album and fifth major label studio album released by Canadian-Italian singer Michael Bublé. The album was released on October 21, 2011, in Ireland,[1] on October 24, 2011, in the United Kingdom,[2] and on October 25, 2011, in the United States. The music is produced by Irving Berlin, and the lyrics are written by David Foster.


  1. Jimin – Christmas Love 기타 및 피아노 용 코드 및 탭

On Christmas Eve in Korea, Jimin released “Christmas Love” as a gift to his fans. Over cheerful music, the song is reminiscent of his childhood and how he loved the snowfall. Sharing this sentiment on their blog, Jimin explains how: You all deserve to be loved all the time. The lyrics, music and vocals are all done by the talented and handsome, Jimin alone. It is originally in the key of G Major. You can change it to any key you want, using the Transpose option. The average tempo of this song is 104 BPM. These chords are simple and easy to play on the guitar, ukulele or piano.


  1. Twenty One Pilots – Christmas Saves The Year

Twenty One Pilots unleash their festive release, ‘Christmas Saves The Year‘, and they hit the mince pie on the head with lyrics which we can all relate to given the year we have just had. It all kicks off with a gentle overture with a thumpy bass riff leaping out with vigorous quality. A festive sound effect then soon rises to the top of the mix before a sublime vocal performance from frontman, Tyler Joseph. It is originally in the key of F Major. You can change it to any key you want, using the Transpose option. The average tempo is 80 BPM. It’s a fairly easy song to play on any instrument… even the triangle!


  1. Katy Perry – Cozy Little Christmas

Katy sings about getting frisky with “a little whiskey” and urges Santa to indulge in a little self-care. Which as it suggests you can understand this song is not the traditional sit by the fireplace with your family type of song. Co-written with Greg Wells and XXXmas elf Ferras, the perky bop is every bit as irreverent and fun as you would expect.


  1. Kodaline – This Must Be Christmas

Kodaline are an Irish rock band. Originally known as 21 Demands, the band adopted their current name in 2012 to coincide with the changing of their music. The group comprises Steve Garrigan, Mark Prendergast, Vincent May and Jason Boland. After the storming success of their recently released studio album One Day At A Time , which has now been streamed more than 74 million times and seen them garner another 10 million monthly Spotify listeners, Kodaline are back to get us ready for the festive season with their new single This Must Be Christmas. If you know any Kodaline fans, this is one of their best Christmas songs to sing!


  1. Carly Rae Jepsen – It’s Not Christmas Till Somebody Cries

This single was released on 30 October 2020. The vocals are by Carly Rae Jepsen, the music is produced by CJ Baran, Ben Romans, James Flannigan, and the lyrics are written by CJ Baran, Ben Romans also.

Carly Rae Jepsen has outdone herself in this song once again! Perfectly executed vocal maneuvers with perfect symphonic progressions. It is originally in the key of G Major. You can change it to any key you want, using the Transpose option. The average tempo is 120 BPM. These chords are simple and easy to play on the guitar, ukulele or piano.


  1. Bryan Adams – Christmas Time

Christmas Time is a song recorded by Bryan Adams. It was written by Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance. It became Adams’ most popular Christmas song. It was originally released on clear, green vinyl with a picture sleeve. It was written and recorded in Vancouver, British Columbia. Over twenty years after it was first recorded, the song still receives significant radio airplay each year during the Christmas season. After his hit single “Heaven” Christmas time topped the charts due to it’s personification of the jolliness of Christmas. The chords are very easy to play and sounds great whenever it is you play!


  1. Brenda Lee – Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree

Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” is not just a festive hit, but it is also played during the memorable scene in Home Alone when Kevin McCallister pretends to have a party to deter the burglars. Rockin Around the Christmas Tree is one of the best upbeat and cheerful Christmas songs there is. Everyone recognizes it due to it’s popularity and can sing along too! Some of the best songs produced were during those times and this one is another classic song that is beloved by all… unless of course, you’re the grinch. The music is produced by Johnny Marks, and the lyrics are written by Brenda Lee.


  1. Chris Tomlin – His Name Is Wonderful

Chris Tomlin and Redman intertwine the light that God creates in physical darkness with the illumination that he brings to our darkened spirits. They also mix the goodness that God saw in what he made with the goodness that he is by sending Jesus to die for our sins. Their knitting continues as they declare God to be wonderful in his creation and salvation, demonstrating the depths of his immeasurable love for us through humility on the cross. This is from his album Christmas songs of worship. This is in the Gospel playlist of Chordzone as it’s devotional value is through the roofs. This song praises the Lord in all his glory.


  1. Burl Ives – A Holly Jolly Christmas

Burl Ives was an American folk singer, songwriter, actor and director. Have a Holly Jolly Christmas is a compilation of holiday songs performed by Burl Ives. The award-winning actor performed the definitive version of the title track, thus forever cementing his place in the genre. The song is produced  by Maury Laws and Johnny Marks. The other songs here (many of which have also gotten quite a lot of radio play) are all standards for the most part, and are all sung in Ives’ sweet, fractured croon. Fans of the title track will probably enjoy the rest of the album, and any other curious listeners may also want to give this a try.


That concludes my best Christmas Playlist for 2021. I hope you have a festive and a Merry Christmas with the songs available in ChordZone!