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REN – Money Game Part 3 Chords and Tabs for Guitar and Piano | Sheet Music & Tabs


This song is from the album Sick Boi(2023), released on 13 October 2023. The vocals are by Ren, the music is produced by Ren, and the lyrics are written by Ren.
This song is originally in the key of A Minor. You can change it to any key you want, using the Transpose option. The average tempo is 98 BPM. These chords are simple and easy to play on the guitar, ukulele or piano.
Vocals: Ren ,
Producer: Ren,
Writer: Ren,
Original Key: A Minor
Time Signature: 4/4
Tempo: 98
Suggested Strumming: DU,DU,DU,DU
c h o r d  z o n e . o r g

    Am E Am E 
 Am E C Dm   Am 

 Am                               F 
 Let me tell you a story about a boy named Jimmy
           Dm                              E
 One years old and his first words were "Mine, mine, gimme!"
           Am                    F 
 Two years old he was walking, Three years old walking quickly
          Dm                              E 
 Four years old he was running 'round the pavements of the city

          Am                            F 
 Five years old and his daddy told him "Listen here, son
             Dm                         E 
 You gotta learn to be a man, a man he works for what he wants"
          Am                              F 
 Six years old and he’s reading, writing, top of the bunch
               Dm                              E 
 And when he's , his progression made him student number One

 Am                         F 
  years old and he’s praised for unusual grades
            Dm                                 E 
 , his parents pay for privatе school to nurture the flame
      Am                F 
 , 11, 12, 13, hе ascends and ascends
             Dm                            E 
 His daddy tells him "Son, money is the means to all ends"

   Am                    F
 14, solving complex mathematic equations
   D                 E
 15, IQ 150, still elevating
 Dm                        F 
 16, he develops complex software code
               D                     Dm
 That detects weaknesses in cyber security protocols

 Am                           F 
 17, and he sells vision keeping a share
              D                              Am 
 Not yet an adult, but he's practically a millionaire
 Am                            F 
 18, and his daddy tells him "Now you're a man

 This world don't give a damn about you, so take all that you can"
  Am                                      E
 19, he turns a profit stocks and shares invest in product
 20, double down deposits, 21, his income rockets
  Am                                     E
 22, he learns that truth is just an obstacle to wealth
 If you manipulate the data, then a lie will sell itself

  Am                      Dm
 23, a life of luxury crystal and cocaine
 24, he makes the Forbes list, they're applauding his name
 25, and his daddy tells him, "listen here son
 While you are sitting in your palace, that don't mean that you won"
 Am                                   E
 26, a business shift he switches business to arms
               G             E
 27, dealing nuclear and shells in Iran
 Am                               E
 28, inside the Senate money bought him a seat
  G                                 C
 29, a role of the council in the president, sweet

           Am                              E
 Now he’s 30 and his daddy says "You're losing the race
                   G                   E 
 You're just a servant to the king, not even in second place"
   Am                       E
 31, a big maneuver for his daddy’s approval
 Moving imports over borders from the exports out of Cuba

 32, moving grams, growing kilos to tonnes
 He's 33, filling warehouses with powder and guns
 34, turf war with nobody to stop it
 Blind eye from the po po inside of his pocket

 35 and he gets a call, "I'm sorry son
 It's your father, had a heart attack, I'm sorry, he’s gone"
 36, getting pissed up, abusing his product
 37, eyes glazed, disposition demonic
 38 with a prostitute, a moment of passion
 Heating up a silver spoon and then chasing the dragon
 39, getting reckless and hungry for power
 Daddy’s words still driving him to kill and devour
 He makes a move against the cartel, but the strategie's flawed
 They retaliate and leave him in a hospital ward
 A bullet buried in the vertebra and one in the leg
 The doctor sighs and says "I don’t think you’ll be walking again", fuck

 Let me tell you a story about a boy named Jimmy
        Am                             G 
 He was 40, and he cursed the words "Mine, mine, gimme"
 41, he wasn’t walking, 42, not walking quickly
  Am                            G 
 43, never running 'round the pavement of his city

 44 inside his palace with a mountain of gold
          Am                           G 
 But the riches turn to rubble when perspective evolves
 Weighing heavy on his conscience is the value of gold
       Am                             G 
 A Lamborghini for a life, trading money for souls

 Jimmy followed the code inside the land of the free
            Am                               G
 Put your hand inside the cookie jar, take more than you need
 And his is example is exaggerated versions of me
              Am                           G
 And it's a version of him, and it's a version of she
 And it's a version of you, there’s no escaping the blame
             Am                           G 
 The way we live is parasitic, fuck the money and fame! Cut the music!

 This ain’t entertainment, this is real life

 The way we live is lunacy, community, it declines

 Hyperpolerised, always fighting, then we divide

 Truth is less important than the money that we designed?

 Money's an invention, politics from our invention

 They all come from peoples ideas, did I mention?

 Borders? Our invention, law and order, fuel the tension

 That leads to people killing each other. My solution?

 Everything is subject to change

 We can build utopias if individuals are taught to use their brains

 But if we teach kids in school to always be sheep

 And put ourselves before the herd if there's more money for me

 Then there’s no future I see, where the humans survive

 We're parasites inside a Petri dish with cannibal minds

 Mold grows upon a surface, it consumes till it dies

 And our fate could be the same, so here's a story for the wise


 45, Jimmy comes home out of the rain

 Soaking wet upon a wheelchair, drinking again

 He is everything he wants, he has fortune and fame

 He’s a fortunate fool with an unfortunate fate

 With a 45 caliber aimed at his brain

 45 a fitting number, 'cause his age is the same

 Hears the words of his father; "Such a damn shame"

 Then he presses on the trigger of a money game

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