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LIL DICKY – Honestly Chords and Tabs for Guitar and Piano | Sheet Music & Tabs


This song is from the album PENITH(2024), released on 19 January 2024. The vocals are by Lil Dicky, the music is produced by Eugene Tsai, Lia Liza, Stan Lane , Jasper Harris, and the lyrics are written by Lil Dicky.
This song is originally in the key of E Minor. You can change it to any key you want, using the Transpose option. The average tempo is 72 BPM. These chords are simple and easy to play on the guitar, ukulele or piano.

Original Key: E Minor
Time Signature: 4/4
Tempo: 72
Suggested Strumming: DU,DU,DU,DU
c h o r d  z o n e . o r g

 I gotta be
 Everything that I can be
 I gotta do this thing, honestly
 Why can't I do it all? Honestly

 I bet I shock 'em when I drop, 
 I know they probably think I'm washed
 I'm kettle cookin' with the chip, 
 it's on my shoulders 'til we win
 I'm gettin' older by the minute, yeah, 
 I really had it up to here
 They always lookin' like they're wingin' it, 
 I been plannin' every meal, mm

 Got me sippin' on this beer, ooh, 
 and I don't even fuck with beer, no
 I need some water and ideas, yeah, 
 I gotta start to make it clear, uh
 I'm kinda peepin' all the fallacy, 
 I'm powered by thе people doubtin' me
 I had to еat it like a ton of calories 
 and the analogy is that I'm blowin' up

 But I've been carryin' this weight
 So I found a way and now they weighin' in on my art
 But I will never let nobody second guess my heart (Uh)

 I'm really sick of all the pageantry (Mm)

 And they don't even have the faculties
 Yet they tryna teach me what I have to be (Mm)
   E7                                        Am
 But they don't comprehend the packaging openin' up

 Fuck my old shit, all of it sucked
 Piss on them records, I shit on them records

 I thank everybody who saw the potential in me
 But I still had to get it inevitably

 If I could, I would sit down 
 and conversate with every hater and try to debate 'em

 I know it's subjective, 
 but it's my objective to do it so well that it's not

 You can count on me, one, two, three
 When you got the vision up in you, 
 why would I give a fuck what they tryna see? (Uh)
 How can I make such insensitive shit and be so sensitive?
 I'm hypocritical, too hypercritical
 It can get miserable, 
 I'm up on Twitter and I'm readin' into it

 And the most pitiful part of the whole thing 
 is I wanna tweet that I'm up at the pinnacle
 I wanna make 'em remember they didn't know

 I wanna pound it in their head like Riddick Bowe
 I gotta tell you some shit that you didn't know
 Or I can let it go and just forget it
 But if I forget it, then they'll never get it
  E7                                                         Am 
 But now it's all startin' to feel unforgettable, you lil' bitch

 Yeah, leveled up (Uh)
 Am                       D7
 Fuck all that bein' benevolent

 I am the best there never was
 Remember there ain't no timelines when you timeless (No)
 Ain't no guidelines when you guideless (Uh)
 Sippin' Mai Tais, stand in top fives, 
 knowin' my time isn't timeless

 It's tickin' it (Tick tick, tick tick, tick tick)
 Please don't make me get a TikTok

 Got my feet up while they flip flop

 People tryna speak for hip hop

 Got me really 'bout to call the opps out

 I think if I did, I'd have an anxiety attack

 But maybe they'll feel how real my raps are

 Maybe they'll believe me when I say

 I know I could get it if I want (Uh)

 But gettin' that's not gettin' that 
 if you don't get it how you want (Uh)

 I know that's privileged, but I been embraced by a community

 'Cause I'm not doin' you, I'm doin' me

 But I just really hope you see the you in me (Yeah)

 'Cause if you act cool with your guard up

 Then you probably out here just ballin' like Hot Sauce (Uh)

 I'm in another fuckin' league (My G)

 I don't really care what the Ebros think

 I don't really care what they need (No)

 I got 'em out here actin' childish (Uh)

 My mama hope for an engagement (Uh)

 But I been focused on engagement

 This entertainment, can't entertain that shit (No)

 I hate doin' karaoke, but I love doin' festivals, my G (Uh)

 I tried to be the G.O.A.T. 
  before I tried a vegetable, my G

 Two times out of ten, I might get a centerfold, 
 but I ain't lookin' for a GD

 Flowin' with the rap like I get it out the tap,
 I ain't out here lookin' for a Fiji

 Yeah, I been out of bounds with it ever since I stepped in

 Had to smile at the intervention

 Back in Maui, I could feel the tension

 Head down, workin' high tension

 That's how it goes with intentions (Uh)

 I'm pessimistic that I'm losin' some,
  but I'm optimistic we can get wins

 Icons tellin' me I'm re inventin' genres

 Meanwhile a hipster in pajamas sleepwalkin' 
 through another blog post

 Groundbreakin' every time I step out

 You know no one took it, I just stepped down

 Now the chef cookin', are you fed now? (Mm)

 We'll see who's hungry in the end


 I gotta be (I gotta be)

 Gotta be (Gotta be)

 Gotta be (Gotta be)


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