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LIL DICKY – I Met A Girl Chords and Tabs for Guitar and Piano | Sheet Music & Tabs


This song is from the album , released on 19 January 2024. The vocals are by Lil Dicky, the music is produced by Jasper Harris, and the lyrics are written by Lil Dicky .
This song is originally in the key of Eb Major. You can change it to any key you want, using the Transpose option. The average tempo is 75 BPM. These chords are simple and easy to play on the guitar, ukulele or piano.
Vocals: Lil Dicky ,
Producer: Jasper Harris,
Writer: Lil Dicky ,

Original Key: Eb Major
Time Signature: 4/4
Tempo: 75
Suggested Strumming: DU,DU,DU,DU
c h o r d  z o n e . o r g

  Fm Bb Cm Eb 
  Fm    Bb                Cm
 How did I get all of this?
   Cm                    Fm
 Yet still end up like this
  Bb                    Cm 
 All alone, what'd I miss?
  Bb         Eb                    Fm
 So many dates, even dating got dated
  Bb                 Cm
 I let her go too soon
   Cm                Fm
 I was scared of you
      Bb                   Eb
 And now I'm just sad at you
   Cm                          Eb                       Fm
 All of these stones that I turned, I forgot who my rock was
  Bb           Cm
 Batman and Robin, 
 it's comical how I'll keep runnin' from problems
            Bb            Cm              Eb
 I don't act my age at all, I don't change at all
  Eb                     Fm
 But I'm great, ask 'em all
  Bb                     Cm 
 I need somebody right now
  Cm                                Fm 
 But I don't think she'll hear me out
      Bb                  Eb 
 And my time is running out

           Fm Bb        Cm
 I met a girl, thank God
          Fm Bb      Cm Bb Eb 
 I met a girl, oh my
                Fm        Bb
 She makes me feel alive
 She makes me need a life
          Fm  Bb         Eb 
 I met a girl, thank God

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