Requested By Malene
This song is the music in the end of the episode of Vampire Diaries.
I like the solemnity of this song. There is that looming silence and the stretched words that kinda adds an eerie feeling to it. But at the same time, this song gives you a calm and peaceful mind that makes you want to forget all your worries and tensions and just dream. I like the feel of the song as well, it has got the "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan feel to it.

Rating: 8/10
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Scale: D Major Time Signature: 4/4 Tempo: 50 INTRO D D G I somehow found F#m Something I G D I didn’t know Bm That I’m the one F#m That’s not anymore [CHORUS] Em Bm A Oh there is a place Em Bm A Oh there is a place D Bm When it will start F#m To feel easy? Em G A D Oh I know D Bm And when it will start F#m G To feel easy? [CHORUS] Em Bm A Oh there is a place Em Bm A Oh there is a place D When it will Bm It will F#m Oh I know Em A D I’ll find you there D Bm Oh I know F#m G I will find you there

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