This song was released as a patriotic song by Micromax where 10 artists sings in nine different languages. They recreate AR Rahman's song from Rang De Basanti - "Roobaroo" which was originally written by Prasoon Joshi.
I love this song! First of all, big thank you to Micromax for sponsoring this song; and for the artists who sang in all these languages. It proves the point that there is indeed unity in diversity. In a country with population around 1.22 billion people, a song such as this one will definitely help to bring more unity among the people. I hope this Independance day will be a wonderful day for all the Indians. Happy Independance Day from www.chordzone.org
Rating: 10/10
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Requested By Aabid
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Scale: A Major Time Signature: 4/4 Tempo: 130 INTRO A A Aazaadi Amaj7 Jeene Lagi Amaj7 Yen edayangalil A Liye khushi Amaj7 Zubaan pe hai A Bhasha meri A Yen bhashayo B7 Mera nishaan B7 Vandadevu A Meri zameen A Amaar bhoomi Amaj7 Ghuroor mein B7 Hai zindagi B7 Yedehigisi [CHORUS] A F#m Roobaroo Roshni.. A F#m Roobaroo Roshni.. A F#m Roobaroo Roshni hai! A Hai pyaar bhara watan mera G Hai ek jaan, dil-ek, chaman mera C#m Hai saat sur hi sa juda jahaan A E Ek naam se juda A Hai pyaar chaman bhara watan mera G Hai ek jaan, dil-ek, chaman mera D Hai saat sur hi sa juda jahaan A E Ek naam se juda A Sab buraai mita jo de B7 Sangeet hai.. A Dil khile dosti chale C#m Wohi geet hai B7 Yeah! We shine as bright as the sun B7 With hearts of gold, we define divinity A We stand united as one A When the rhythm of the beat combines with melodies C#m The pride from talking to you in my mother tounge C#m Never fails to elevate my soul F#m Together as one, in peace we live by F#m Music, for that's connective force [CHORUS] E Hey... A F#m D Rubaru Roshni.. A F#m Roobaroo Roshni.. hai (hai zindagi) A F#m D Roobaroo Roshni.. A F#m Rubaru Roshni.. hai A Aazaadi B7 Yen edayangalil A Yen bhashayo F#m Amaar chinho A Amaar bhoomi B7 A F#m Ghuroor vich hai zindagi A Zari bandhane B7 Zari sankate D Sau rang raa D Sau raasta D Judi judi B7 Chhe reet par A Vandadevu B7 Yedehigisi A Re roobaroo...

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