This song is sung by Sonu Kakkar and composed by her brother Tony Kakkar.
After a super hit song such as Sawan Aaya Hai, I am not surprised at the fact that Tony Kakkar has done his magic again. I love the composition and the background music. Those lush pads add a nice warmth feel to the song, making the sweet vocals of Sonu even more beautiful. The way that the arrangement progresses is also really interesting to listen to. Hats off to Tony for such an amazing production.

SongRating: 7/10
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Scale: D Major Time Signature: 4/4 Tempo: 70 [INTRO] D D Naina kehnde mere ranjhna G D dhola maahi rusiya D Dil lagda nahi (x3) [INSTRUMENTAL] D hmm hmmm.. D Bm Saajan ke sang preet lagayi D Bm Sau sau jag se baatein banayi D Ab aa jaiyo Bm Der lagaayi D C# Preet kya dil ko raas na aayi D Tu to vasda ai pardeson G D Mainu kallan chhaddeya D Dil lagda nahi [INSTRUMENTAL] D Bm G D D Bm D Kab aaoge ye toh bataao D Bm Mar jaayenge saath nibhaao D Bm Toote saare waade tumhaare D C# D Hum toh reh gaye tere sahaare D tere sahaare.. D Maahi hoya kivein begaana G D Mera dil tutteya D Hur lagda nahi
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