This song is from the hindi movie "Titoo MBA" featuring Nishant Dahiya and Pragya Jaiswal.
As usual, Arijit Singh has done his magic in this song. The music is amazing and the vocals are amazing. On top of that, there is a beautiful guitar lead that adds even more beauty to the song. The background music is absolutely beautiful as well. Hats off to Arjuna Harjai for this beautiful composition and Kumaar for the beautiful lyrics.

Rating: 8.5/10
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Scale: E Minor Time Signature: 4/4 Tempo: 93 [INTRO] Em C Em C C D Khwaabon mein thhe aansu chhupe C D Em Pataa hi na tha humein C D Raahon mein thhe kaante bichhe C D Em Pataa hi na tha humein Em D Kuch bhi humein haasil nahi C D Hai reh gayi manzil kahin Em D C Hairaan hai dil, kis baat ki ye hai sazaa Em D Rone lagi hai ab duaa C D Khud se huaa hai bepataa Em D C Aye Rab mere mujhko zara tu ye bataa... Em Am Kyu hua, kyu hua waqt humse khafa Em Am Ishq se dil juda kyun hua, kyun huaa Em Am Iss gham ki wajah kisko poochhe yahaan C Bm Kyun huaa, kyun huaa Rab hi bezubaa.. Em Am Em Am Em Am C Bm Em C Em C Em C D Bm Ra ra.. Em C Hmm.. Hothon pe hai rakhi Em Bm Lamha lamha shiqayatein (shiqayatein..) Em Am Em Bm Em Am C Bm Em Am Em Am Em Bm C Bm Em Am Saaya bhi ye roye Em Am Tanhaa humko dekh kar Em Am Zindagi khaali ho gayi C Bm Em Am Khoya aise humsafar Em C C Ye... o... kyu hua, kyun hua Bm Em Am Em Am Rab hi bezubaan... o..

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