AMY VACHAL - A Sunday Kind Of Love(The Voice Performance)

This song was released on 26 October 2015.
I enjoyed the feel in her voice, but that alone was not enough for a beautiful song like this. Her dynamics were pretty weird. The production quality could have been increased as well.
SongRating: 8.5/10

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Scale: C# Major
Time Signature: 6/8
Tempo: 80
Suggested Strumming: D,D,D,D,D,D

            C#            Ddim
I want a Sunday kind of love
            Ab         C#        C#7
A love to last past Saturday night
And I'd like to know
                 C#            Bbm C#aug
It's more than love at first sight
              Ab             C#
And I want a Sunday kind of love

Oh yeah, yeah

Abm                C#
I do my Sunday dreaming, oh yeah
Abm                C#
And all my Sunday scheming
        C#            F#        C#
Every minute, every hour, every day
Oh, I'm hoping to discover
A certain kind of lover
Who will show me the way

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