NEW EDITION - Can You Stand The Rain Chords and Lyrics

This song is from the album Heart Break(1988), released on 01 January 1988.

Vocals: New Edition ,
Producer(s): Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis,
Writer(s): James Harris III, Terry Lewis,
SongRating: 7/10

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Scale: Ab Major
Time Signature: 4/4
Tempo: 70
Suggested Strumming: DU,DU,DU,DU
c h o r d  z o n e . o r g
[INTRO] Ab C# Eb Fm Eb Ab C# x2
Fm                                           C# Eb 
On a perfect day I know that I can count on you. 
when that's not possible tell
Fm                       C# Eb
Me can you weather the storm?
          Fm        Bbm        Cm       C#
Cause I need some body who will stand by me 
              Fm          Bbm
through the good times and bad
                Cm        Eb
Times she will always, always be right there.
       Ab     C#
Sunny days everybody loves them 
             Eb                 C#    Fm
tell me baby can you stand the rain? storms
Eb   Ab      C#
Will come this we know for sure 
C#                     Eb     Fm   Eb       Ab C#
(this we know for sure) can you stand the rain?

(yeah yeah) love unconditional 
Fm                      C# Eb
I'm not asking just of you. 
and girl to make it
Fm                               C# Eb
Last I'll do whatever needs to be done.

        Fm       Bbm          Cm       C#
But I need somebody who will stand by me, 
           Fm         Bbm
when it's tough she won't run she
       Cm    Eb
Will always, be right there for me.
Fm   Eb Ab   C#
Sunny days every body loves them tell me baby 
Eb      Fm  Eb   Ab    C#
can you stand the rain. storms
C#   Eb  Ab
Will come   I know 
I know all the days won't be perfect (this we know for

Sure) but tell me 
Eb         Fm   Eb       Ab          C#
can you stand it can you stand the rain?
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