LASHUN PACE - Prayer Will Fix It Chords and Lyrics

This song is from the album A Wealthy Place(1996), released on 28 August 1996.

Note: This song includes a choir. The singer(s) may start a word sung on a chord, say F♯, perhaps having 8 beats inclusive, and hit her next word on say beat 4, then on say beat 7. To allow for the reader to share in this I’ve indicated such moments as F#-4 or as F♯-7, to show how she sings through the chord. (Hope this helps).
Vocals: Lashun Pace ,

SongRating: 7/10

Requested By Bettye
Scale: F# Major
Time Signature: 6/8
Tempo: 112
Suggested Strumming: D,D,D,D,D,D
c h o r d  z o n e . o r g

Instrumental intro: F♯  D♯m  G♯m  F♯  B  D  C♯

Lead singer (L): 
Choir (C):

     F♯m             F♯m-2        F♯
L: Prayer can fix it for you.
F♯-4                              F♯-8
Prayer is the most you can do.
E               F♯                            F♯m-4  C♯  
Ummmm.  Prayer can fix it for you.
F♯         F♯-2  
Right.  That’s what you should do.
F♯-5        Fm       Fm-1   F♯         F♯-1  
Listen!             And before you give up,
D♯               D♯-1             G♯   
And let the devil win.  —Go back!
E                 F♯        G♯m  
And pray, again.
F♯               C♯         F♯                      F♯-3    
Ohhh!      Ohhhh.    Prayer can fix it for you.

        F♯-4                       E          F♯
Can I get a witness?                  Rraauuuh!
F♯-2                          F♯-4  
That’s what ya should do.
E                        B.           B-1    F♯         F♯-1  
Aaaayayaaaya.  Prayer.  Can.  And it will.
B           B-1     C♯   F♯
Fix it for you.  Ha.  Right!
F♯-2                             F♯-4
That’s what ya should do.
C               D♯m                          D♯m-3
Aaaand, before, you let the devil win.
A             A-1  B          F♯             A♯m
I beseech ya.  Go back, and pray again.
G♯m          F♯m   C♯m  F♯m                    F♯m-4    
        Listen.             Prayer…is a profound weapon,
F♯-7       F♯m         F♯m-2            F♯   
That the Lord, has given to the saints.
Fm                A♯      A♯-1   D♯m  F♯  
Meeeeen aught to, always pray.
              Fm      F♯    B
Aaand.    Not faint.
A♯m                 A♯m-1     F♯       F♯-1     F♯m  
The effectuate fervent prayer   of a righteous man, 
C♯     F♯             B             
It availeth. It avaieth much.

G♯m                            C♯     
That’s what I came tonight to tell you.
C♯-2             F♯m                       F♯m-7
Whaaaaa!    Prayer can fix it for you.

Common, and put your hands together.
F♯-3            F♯-5       F♯-7                   F♯-10
Wooowh.   Prayer.   It’s the most you can do.
A                 B        F♯         F♯-2                       F♯-6                        
Aaaaaa.     Prayer.   Aaauhand, it will fix it for you.
C♯       F♯                 F♯-4               F♯-6    
                  Aaaaaa.    And that is!   What ya should do.
B          C           C♯            F♯   F♯m 
And before you let the devil win.
B                  B-2    B-3    F♯    A♯m  
Go back and pray, A…gain.
B                              B-1                   F♯    
You know what a I want to say.  So do it.
C♯                              C♯-2                     F♯ 
All across He world, I want ya to keep on.
                  G♯      F♯     
Choir (C): Keep praying.
         F♯m-1   F♯        C♯   
L/C: Don’t stop the        Pray…ing.  
    F♯                         F
L: keep on prayin.
      F♯-2          C♯
C:  Keep praying.
L: Keep praying.
C: Don’t stop praying.
     F♯-3                                      F♯-6        C
L: He said:”Before you call; common… “I’ll answer”.  Ha.  Ha.
     F♯-9         C♯m
C: Keep praying.
     C♯m-1   F♯           G♯m
L: Get down on your knees.
     F♯                G♯m   
C: Don’t stop praying.
      G♯m-2     F♯             F♯-1
L: And pray for the blessing.
      F♯-3        C♯      F♯
C: Keep praying.
     F♯-3        F♯    
L: Ha.      Aaaaaaa.  Plead. 
     F♯-2                     B    C 
C: Don’t stop.   ——-praying.
        B        C♯     F♯        A♯m      D♯       D♯-7      G♯
L: HeYaaaaaa.  Before I let the devil….. win.    (Audience clapping)
G♯-5                                   G♯-9
Before you give into your situation.
G♯-10           G#-14          G♯-15
Before you throw up your hands.
G♯-17         G♯-19     G♯-21       C♯ 
Go back.  Go back.  And pray.
C♯-5             C♯-7   
Go back and pray.
C♯-11         C♯-13
Somebody clap your hands.
C♯-17         F♯           F♯-13    
Again.                     Aaaaaaaa.

Ending instrumental: F♯m    F♯    E    F♯    A♯    

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