WINTLEY PHIPPS - My Tribute Chords and Lyrics

This song is from the album The Classics(2008), released on 01 August 2008.

Vocals: Wintley Phipps ,
Writer(s): Andraé Crouch,

SongRating: 9/10

Transcribed by David Matthie
Scale: Ab Major
Time Signature: 6/8
Tempo: 100
Suggested Strumming: D,D,D,D,D,D
c h o r d  z o n e . o r g
 A♭  D♭  D♭m  A♭  E♭  A♭  D♭  D♭m  A♭

A♭-1             A♭-3           A♭-5    G♭
How …   …   Can I say thanks,
G♭-1      G♭-3      G♭-4      D♭        F7     B♭m
For the things, You have done for me?
B♭              B♭-2     B♭m     B♭m-4             B♭m-6         
Things, so undeserved, that You gave, to prove
B♭m-7           B♭m7
Your love for me.
E♭     A♭               A♭-2      Fm
The voices, of a million angels,
B♭                             Dm
Could not ex------press…    
Dm-2    D♭m
My grati--tude.
D♭m-3       A♭   F
All that I am,
F-1                      F-3        F-5     B♭m
And ever hope to be…eeeee,
A♭       A♭-1   E♭      E♭-1    A♭
I owe it all …….   To thee.
A♭-1                      Cm          F
To God ……….. be the glory.
F-1            B♭m         B         E♭
To God ……….. be the glory.
Gm                 C      F      Fm
To God ……….. be the glory
Fm-1      B♭   B♭m         D♭m
For the things He has done.
E♭             A♭          A♭-3          Cm     F
With His blood ….. He has saved me.
F-1            B♭m                   D♭    E♭   
With his power ….. He has raise…d me.
E♭-1    C      F        F-1    Dm
To God ….. be the glory
Dm-1              A♭  E♭          A♭
For the things     He has done.

A♭-1  B♭           Gm       C7
Just let me live ….. My life.
C7-2         Fm     F       F-2    C   F    Dm7
And let it be pleasing, Lord,    to thee.
Dm7-1                   D♭               Fm
And should I gain      any praise,
Fm-2        Fm-4          B♭7            D♭
Let it go     to     Cal   ver….rrrr….yyyyy.
D♭-2   D                                                  A
Cal   vary     Ohhhhh   (Chours): With His blood,
A-3    E           E-2
Jes-us saved me.
G♭            Bm          Bm-2      B7     E
With His power ….. Jesus raised me.
E-1    D♭7   D♭7-3     G♭      G♭m
To God,    be    the glory.
G♭m-1           A    D           A
For the things    He has done.
Bm          D♭        G♭    G♭m   
To God      be the glor—or-y.
G♭m-2       A     D♭            D
For the things God has done.
E♭m        E       D         D-2
For the things      He has …..
F        D     A     A-8
Done ….   ….  ….    //

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